Fleurop v.d. Breedehoff

Fleurop v.d. Breedehoff

40.5" Black Mare, 2012

Sire: Alex v.d. Pony Hoeve

Dam: Lody E v.d. Hogewold

5x 1st Premium "Crown" awarded.

Fleurop is an exquisite mare with an exemplary show record. She epitomises everything we hoped to find in a mare when we started searching for ponies going back to old Marshwood/Transy blood in the Netherlands. We were blown away by her lovely balanced outline, huge front, beautiful expressive head and eye, tremendous action and outstanding hair! To ice the cake, Fleurop has one of the sweetest and quietest temperaments we have encountered. While she knows how to turn it on and give you a flashy show when she moves, she is happiest relaxing by your side and requesting cuddles. Of course, we are only too happy to oblige her! She is a pleasure to be around.

We are truly elated to have Fleurop in our herd and eternally grateful to Astrid Dibbits and Family in the Netherlands for making it possible! We can't wait to meet her future foals!

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